Exoprimal Guide – Best Exosuits and Recommended Modules

All Exosuits are adept at slaying dinosaurs, but which are the best? Find out more here, along with details on the best Modules.

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Capcom’s Exoprimal may be a PvEvP title, but its roster leans more towards that of a hero shooter. You have 10 Exosuits, divided into three roles – Assault, Support and Tank. Each Exosuit excels in a different area, and as you level them up, you’ll gain specific Modules which can alter or enhance their abilities.

You can have three Modules equipped at a time, and they can be upgraded with BikCoins, unlocking some new perks in the process. New Exosuits also require increasing your Player Level and spending BikCoins, but what are the best options in a match? Let’s go over the best Exosuits and their recommended Suit Modules below.

Best Assault Suits


His Skipbomber grenade is good for dealing with crowds of dinosaurs (even burning those it directly hits) and deals great damage to Exosuits. Being able to set mines and remotely detonate them with Triple Threat while having an explosive dodge and a Stun Grenade to stop dinosaurs and other Exofighters in their tracks is pretty great.

If that weren’t enough, Overdrive: Burning Heart turns Barrage into a fiery missile that deals massive single-target damage to both dinosaurs and Exosuits, even if you need some quick healing due to the self-damage it inflicts. Since his projectiles have travel time, it can take a bit of time to lead shots, but otherwise, Barrage is one of the best Exosuits for clearing groups of enemies.

Recommended Suit Modules: Blast Enhancer for more blast radius or Impact Grenade for more Skipbomber damage with direct hits. Lingering Threat for the longer flame duration with Triple Threat. Flare Dodge for higher explosive damage, blast radius and burn chance on dinosaurs when using Flip Dodge.


When facing hordes of dinos, single-target damage can seem underrated. However, against tougher enemies like the Carnosaurs, Triceratops or even long-range Neosaurs, Vigilant is the best. Subsonic Burst fires a three-shot burst from the hip, but when zoomed, it unleashes a powerful railgun shot after a charging period.

You can also unleash Stinger Shot to pierce through multiple enemies at once, making for great ad clear. If that weren’t enough, Overdrive: Barrel Breaker grants six charged shots on demand. If you need some crowd control, throw out Frost Lock, though be warned that it must be used twice on large dinosaurs to freeze them.

Recommended Suit Modules: Charge Enhancer for a second charging stage, leading to more powerful railgun shots that consume double ammo. Finishing Streak for critical damage with Stinger Shot and reducing cooldown time on defeating enemies. Floating Vault for a temporary attack increase and additional hangtime in the air, and Freezing Vault to freeze nearby enemies when using Vault.

Best Support Suits


Nimbus is a capable damage dealer and healer, with her handguns, Mars and Apollo, capable of both when switching between Rend and Mend. Shoot allies to heal them and enemies to kill them. It’s that simple. She can also send out a hologram to revive allies from afar, which is invaluable, or to teleport when she needs to escape.

Spreadshot is excellent for burst damage and healing, while OD: Antipode Burst is ideal for pushing back crowds of smaller dinosaurs. She may require some aim and management of cooldowns, especially when switching between Mend and Rend, but the results are well worth it.

Recommended Suit Modules: Rapid Switch to reduce the cooldown on Mode Switch or Amped Spread for more Spreadshot damage and healing, while reloading weapons with stronger projectiles. Quick Holo to reduce the cooldown on Holo Warp. Speed Shot for more healing and to allow projectiles to pass through allies, though shots no longer home in (which can be tough, if teammates are constantly moving).


Despite his unconventional appearance, Witchdoctor is probably the best Support Exosuit. Neuro Rod is good for paralyzing groups of dinosaurs and disintegrating them with enough damage, while Rescue Field creates an area to heal allies for a brief period. You can essentially stand alongside your Tank, assisting in damage while keeping them alive (which is encouraged, given the limited range of Rescue Field).

Feed is somewhat awkward, given its limited range, but it offers great healing and boosts movement speed, while also charging your Neuro Rod when used against enemies (and can also slow them). OD: Vital Aura is also an incredible trump card, fully restoring the health of all allies, boosting their damage and slowing enemies.

Recommended Suit Modules: Shock Therapy to reduce the time needed to paralyze dinosaurs with the Neuro Rod. Repair Boost for more healing with Repair Field or Adrenaline Feed to increase an ally’s attack with Feed. Safety Leap to restore one charge of Repair Field when using Rescue Leap.

Best Tank Suits


At first, Roadblock seems like the archetypal Reinhardt-style hero with a giant shield to block enemies. However, he’s perhaps the best pure Tank in the game. The shield has about 2000 Health, ideal for blocking oncoming hordes and massive dinosaurs. Shield Blast will knock enemies back, with the effect becoming stronger with more enemies hit. Taunt will draw enemy threats, while Haymaker is a straightforward melee punch.

You can even evade with Skid Dodge, and the OD: Storm Drive delivers some spin-to-win damage. Just make sure you’re in the middle of a crowd). Ranged damage isn’t Roadblock’s strong suit, but that’s why you have teammates. Focus on drawing threats and serving as a frontliner who blocks damage and creates space for your team.

Recommended Suit Modules: Knuckle Duster for increased defense when attacking. Stun Blast for a slight increase to stun chance against dinosaurs (while guaranteeing stuns on hostile players) and Legendary Taunt to recover shield durability when using Taunt. Skid Dodge+ to knock back enemies with Skid Dodge, reduce flinch and gain increased defense.


More of a melee off-tank than a pure defensive main tank, Murasame is for the player who enjoys close combat but wants something much tankier than Zephyr. Kiri-Ichimonji dishes out respectable damage to dinosaurs and hostile Exosuits, with its range being good against crowds. You can also use Strafe Hook for mobility, either gaining an extra jump or executing a Falling Attack, which deals more damage based on the number of spins before landing.

The real value of Murasame is in Vajra Counter – after blocking enough attacks, you can execute a powerful counter and enter Rasetsu Stance, dealing more damage with regular attacks. Finally, there’s Meikyo Shisu, a channeled Overdrive which damages enemies within a 30-meter radius, dealing massive damage to dinosaurs and instantly slaying hostile Exofighters. You also gain damage reduction and can activate earlier, albeit with a lower range. Though he can take some practice, Murasame is a force to reckon with against both Exofighters and dinosaurs.

Recommended Suit Modules: Radiance for increased counter-attack damage and slightly higher range or Rasetsu Step for higher attack speed when in Rasetsu Stance. Steadfast to reduce the cooldown on Vajra Counter. Dragon Strafe for increased defense and reducing flinching while using Strafe Hook and Tiger Strafe for one additional use.

Honorable Mentions

Not every Exosuit is a winner, but they’re not all terrible. Each can complete objectives and slay dinosaurs, even if they’re not the best options to min-max. If you want to fulfill specific niches, they’re worth a look.


Your starting Exosuit with an assault rifle, explosive shot and Cluster Salvo for unleashing a torrent of damage. You can also dodge roll and unleash a powerful palm strike. Its Overdrive can be good in PvP against other Exosuits. Even though Deadeye is as simple as can be, it’s still a solid option for beginners.


This Support Exosuit is good for crowd control, whether it’s her Gravity Cage that traps enemies or De-Synchronize to freeze them within an area for a brief period. Staying airborne away from all the danger also increases her survivability, though Pteranodons and Exofighters like Vigilant can still get you. Travel time on healing projectiles hurts her overall healing, though.


Need some close-range, area-of-effect damage? Zephyr is a decent pick. Linear Strike can send smaller foes flying while Sky High sends them up. Limited Override also isn’t terrible, since it provides healing for the suit and reduced cooldown times, but his overall survivability and utility are low compared to other Assault suits. Overall, he’s fun to play – just difficult to recommend over equipping Barrage or Vigilant.


Possessing numerous tools for creating space, dealing range damage and rushing enemies, Krieger is a jack-of-all-trades in the tanking department. He can place a Dome Shield over objectives in area defense, fire missiles that lock on and paralyze enemies, and even has a minigun. However, his damage isn’t as good as Murasame, and in terms of pure tanking, Roadblock is better.

Best Base Modules

Exosuit-specific Modules aren’t the only options available. Leveling up your character also unlocks Base Modules, which can be equipped on all Exofighters. Since you won’t have access to all the suit-specific Modules from the outset, these are good for filling out any gaps in your loadout.

Here are the best Base Modules in the game that are worth equipping.

Regeneration Module

Reduces the time for automatic health regeneration to start.

Recovery Module

Automatically recover some health, which is good if you’re out of the line of sight from your Support. Treat it as more of an emergency option.

Reload Efficiency Module

Reduces Reload and Charge Time. Ideal for Vigilant, Barrage and Nimbus, but very good on most Exosuits.

Durability Module

It increases max health. More health means taking more damage, which is good.

Hi-Xol Compression Module

Very slightly increases the charge rate for the Overdrive Gauge.

Rig Loading Module

Reduce the cooldown time on Rigs, which is good when you eventually unlock Shield and Drill.

Exoprimal is available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5 and PC. It’s also playable on Game Pass. Check out our review for more details. You can also read our guides on how to level up your Exosuits faster and earn more BikCoins.

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