Final Fantasy 16 – Complete Walkthrough

Check out our full walkthrough for Square Enix's PS5-exclusive action RPG, covering every single main quest in the story.

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Square Enix’s Final Fantasy 16 is a long game, not including copious side content. Nevertheless, the story is the main attraction and plays out over dozens of main quests. If you’re curious about what to do and where to go, check out our walkthrough, which contains all the necessary details.

Check out our guide for more detailed information on defeating the various bosses. You can also learn how to farm Ability Points, which Eikonic Skills are the best (and why), and obtain all the Accessories. Without further ado, here are all the main quests in Final Fantasy 16.

Full Walkthrough


The game starts with Phoenix battling the Eikon of Fire. There’s no need to aim in this section – keep attacking and evade when it glows to dodge its attack. As the battle progresses into the depths and reaches a climactic moment, protagonist Clive (known as Wyvern) wakes up in the present day.

Though it sets the stage for the battle between the Iron Kingdom and Waloed, there isn’t much gameplay. Follow your squad members, navigating the battlefield as Shiva and Titan fight each other. Eventually, one of them is crushed by a falling boulder, and Clive will slowly lose consciousness.

You’ll flashback 13 years ago in Rosalith, where Clive grew up. This is a tutorial section as you learn how to attack, dodge, Phoenix Shift and much more against Lord Commander Murdoch. After besting him, to the applause of Joshua, Jill and Torgal, Clive’s mother Annabella appears, and his father, Duke Elwin, returns from battle. You’re to meet him in the throne room.

Sunrise, Sunset

This “mission” is straightforward, but you can take the time to roam around Rosalith and listen to or speak with different NPCs. En route to the throne room, you’ll meet a Bearer for the first time. Upon speaking to Elwin, you’ll receive a mission to venture to the Stillwind Marshes. Go upstairs via the right doorway to bed, leading to an interaction between Jill and Clive at nighttime. The next morning, Clive goes with Sir Wade and Sir Tyler to deal with the threat of goblins while Duke Elwin, Joshua and some soldiers venture to Phoenix Gate.

Lost in a Fog

The World Map appears for the first time with Stillwind Marshes available to select. It’s a linear area with a few places to explore and obtain items like Potions, Strength Tonics or Gil. Upon first entering, you’ll defeat some Goblin Muggers. Crawl under the space ahead to see the ruined village and fight even more Goblins. A few wooden planks are visible, which can be destroyed by holding down R2 and releasing it when the indicator fills the outer ring.

Climb the ladder ahead (the butterflies give it away) and drop down to fight more Muggers and a Goblin Weaver. The Weaver casts spells at range, so Phoenix Shift and kill it quickly. Break down some more wooden wreckage ahead and jump across the bridge to encounter more Goblins. Their leader will direct traffic on the roof, but you can’t reach them. After defeating the Goblins, it calls in a Gigas.

Defeat the Gigas and progress forward through the hole in the wall. The Goblin leader will cause a house to collapse, but you can walk over the wreckage. After entering a more open marsh area, a Morbol will appear, consuming the Goblin leader and preparing for battle. Defeat it, and Clive and company proceed to Phoenix Gate. Cut to later, with the soldiers celebrating and Joshua skipping out to speak to Clive. Meanwhile, there’s trouble outside the gates as some guards are assassinated. The quest ends with Sir Wade waking Joshua, who you then control.

Flight of the Fledgling

Joshua can cast magic, heal and use a melee strike, but you’re better off hanging back and letting Sir Wade deal with enemies up close while you deal ranged damage. The enemy is revealed to be Sanbreque soldiers, so go through the door to fight two more soldiers. After defeating another soldier, you’ll come across an injured Sir Tyler. As Joshua heals him, Clive will appear, followed by Murdoch and Elwin.

You’re in control of Clive again, with Murdoch providing backup. Venture to the main hall to fight four enemies and open the doors to battle even more in the courtyard. Once again, target the spellcasters first before focusing on the soldiers. After dispatching these enemies, the Knight of the Blinding Dawn leaps in for a boss fight.

Upon defeating him, Clive sees a hooded figure. Cut to Joshua and Elwin attempting to escape, only for Elwin to be killed. Joshua unleashes the Phoenix’s power and attacks those around him. Clive then ventures to stop Joshua. A mysterious fiery figure appears as the former writhes in pain, and another Eikon of Fire emerges. Cue the battle between the Phoenix and this new Eikon of Fire, leading to the depths beneath Phoenix Gate.

Unlike in the beginning, you must manually aim your Fireball shots at the Eikon of Fire. Other than that, dodge when it begins to glow for an attack and pay attention to the prompts for Cinematic Evasions, Strikes, etc. The chapter ends with the Eikon of Fire defeating Phoenix and brutally murdering it while Clive, seemingly from a distance, cries out and swears revenge. Later, Clive is retrieved by Imperial troops and drafted into their army as a Branded soldier.

A Chance Encounter

In the present, Clive wakes up and follows his surviving troop members. You quickly spot a group of Ironblood soldiers escorting a woman, believed to be Shiva’s Dominant. Upon dispatching some foes, a fight against the Dominant and several soldiers occurs. After defeating the Dominant, Clive realizes she’s Jill, his childhood friend.

Unwilling to kill her, he subsequently battles his squad leader, Tiamat. Though successful in slaying Tiamat, several Ironblood soldiers appear. They’re disposed of, and a newcomer, Cid, appears along with Torgal, all grown up and now a proper wolf. Clive receives an invitation to Cid’s Hideaway and sets off with the unconscious Jill.

Hide, Hideaway

The Hideaway serves as your main base, where a vendor, Blacksmith, and other NPCs that dole out side-quests, reside. As Jill is entrusted to the healer Tarja, you can explore the Hideaway or speak to Cid. After hearing about a Dominant of Fire in the village of Lostwing, Clive agrees to venture there with Cid. You speak to Goetz, then Blackthorne, for an Iron Belt+1. Suddenly, some injured Bearers appear, and you summon Tarja.

After doing this and being introduced to Otto, you’ll speak to Charon, the main vendor. Go over to the Arete Stone for some sacks of Gil and subsequently activate the stone. The Hall of Virtue, where you can try out different Skills and battle against enemies encountered till now, becomes available. Exit the Hall and speak to Cid to set out with him and Torgal. Once the World Map opens, select the Greatwood and fast-travel there.

Fanning Embers

The quest starts with Clive, Torgal and Cid fighting some wolf-like Worgens. Duck under a log, as other Worgens pass by, followed by Fafnir of the North. Progress further, and after slaying some killer plants, you’ll squeeze through a gap and spot some Fallen Ruins in the distance. A Dragon Aevis swoops in to interrupt the peaceful moment. After defeating it, squeeze through ahead to defeat several more enemies. Delve deeper into the area until you come across an area with some ruins and an arena to jump down into. Once you do, Fafnir appears for a boss fight.

Defeat it, and Cid will finish it with lightning, revealing himself as the Dominant of Ramuh. Venture further ahead and take down some Hornets, followed by killer plants, Worgens and a Dragon Aevis. After this, you’ll crouch through an opening and happen upon an enemy camp where Benedikta and some Royal Sigfreyrs are camping out. One cutscene and being caught by a sentry later, and you need to battle the Midnight Raven.

Once the fight is over, the quest is finished, and you can fast-travel to Orabelle Downs from the world map en route to Lostwing.

Louder Than Words

After going through the area and taking down some more Royal Sigfreyrs, you’ll arrive in Lostwing. The town is abandoned, but you can hear a child crying. Follow the waypoint, speak to them, and go to the church to find her parents. Head to the basement and, with Cid’s help, break open the door to free the captives. Clive will chase after a guard that spotted them, leading him straight to Benedikta and her squad. She’ll summon Chirada for you to fight.

After defeating Chirada, Cid arrives and chats with Benedikta about his role as the former Lord Commander for Waloed. Benedikta’s company has secured the second Dominant of Fire, and while they get away, Cid’s scout Gav pursues. Clive and Cid will stay in Lostwing for the night. Cut to a scene in Caer Norvent where Benedikta interrogates the Dominant. Gav subsequently returns to inform you of their whereabouts.

The Dead of Night

You won’t be going immediately, lest it turns morning and all the guards at Caer Norvent are awake. Until then, Clive meets Quinten, the leader of Lostwing, and receives the Hanged Man, which means people will be more open to talking. Speak to two villagers, then return to Quinten and Cid.

After sleeping on the floor, you leave Lostwing and travel through its gate to Caer Norvent. Eliminate the Royal soldiers and Mastiffs en route to your destination. Eventually, the keep is visible, and you’ll hide behind a rock before venturing into the fort via the lower levels. Up on the roof, Benedikta reminisces about her conversation with Barbanbas, Waloed’s king, and hears about your infiltration.


As you enter through the sewers, there will be an iron gate that Clive and Cid must lift together (hold R2 again until the indicator fills the circle). Upon venturing down the empty jail cells and wondering where the captive Bearers have gone, the trio happen upon some Royal soldiers. Defeat them, and check the door ahead. Deciding that there are too many, Clive decides on a detour. Activate Animal Instinct to have Torgal guide you to a window and jump down.

There are two paths, left and right, each with enemies to defeat. It’s worth going to the right since you’ll find a chest. After opening the door, you’ll battle a Royal Tognvaldr, who fights somewhat like Midnight Raven. Defeat him, then go up the stairs to enter a courtyard with numerous enemies.

There’s cover to avoid the magic users, but ideally, take them down first. The Royal Mastiffs aren’t too difficult either, so you can ideally use a Scarlet Cyclone to dispatch them before targeting the others. Be wary of the shield users – you need to break their guard Rising Flames or a Charged Slash before you can deal damage.

After the enemies fall, you’ll open some doors into a chapel, where Benedikta awaits. She and Cid will have a confrontation, but it’s not long before Chirada and Suparna get involved. With Cid indisposed, Benedikta leaves, while Clive is left to deal with the two sisters. Defeat them and take the staircase up (or interact with Cid for some funny dialogue). Go left for a chest and then right to progress forward.

You’ll encounter a room with two chests and then enter a hallway with some enemies. Opening the door will lead to a room with more enemies. Slay them, eliminating the spellcasters first lest they keep healing their allies, and open the doors ahead to go further up. Climb the ladder and then drop off to fight some more enemies.

You enter another room with soldiers to defeat, and upon entering the next room, there are Mastiffs and another Royal Tognvaldr. Focus on the Tognvaldr and open the doors to venture further up. Eventually, you’ll reach the top and fight Benedikta.

After the battle, Cid and Clive agree to leave as explosions rock the castle. The Dominant of Fire is seen burning some guards before leaving with his companion. Morning breaks, and our heroes depart Caer Norvent as enemies are spotted down the road.

Wings of Change

With Garuda’s abilities in hand, Clive can test them out on the soldiers in the area. There are Royal soldiers, spell-casters and small wyverns to deal with. The final major enemy is an Aevis, which allows for testing Deadly Embrace to bring down partially staggered Elites. Once all foes are eliminated, Gav appears and resumes tracking.

Cut to Benedikta, leaving the fort with her soldiers. Some bandits attack and kill her guards, but before they can get to her, she transforms into Garuda. From a distance, the giant tornado is visible. Clive hears a voice compelling him towards her, but there will be Wind Elementals on the path. You don’t have to fight them, but it’s good XP for the battle ahead.

Once you reach the obelisk, take a moment to return to the Hideaway for any upgrades or restocking items. To proceed forward, select Eye of the Tempest for the next main quest.


After the Dominant of Fire is seemingly spotted in the distance, Clive separates from Cid and Torgal. He’ll continue pursuing the hooded figure while Garuda pops in and out. Eventually, you’ll reach a cliff, and the Dominant will disappear, only for Garuda to initiate a fight.

Clive will fight Garuda, but after winning, she regenerates her limbs. He then awakens none other than the Eikon of Fire – Ifrit – and the two fight. The battle ends with Garuda being obliterated, but Ifrit is still going wild. With no other option, Cid transforms into Ramuh and knocks him out. He pays his last respects to Benedikta, and the scene ends.

Meanwhile, Sanbreque and Waloed are at war, with the former’s prince, Dion Lesage, turning into Bahamut to combat Barnabas’ Odin. Though Dion takes a short break, he learns that reinforcements from the capital aren’t coming and re-enters the fray.

Cut back to Clive in chains at the Hideaway’s prison. Cid enters, and after a tense confrontation, Clive puts on his gear and heads up for a talk.

The Wages of Guilt

Speak to Cid in the center of the Hideway. After learning that the Dominant of Fire’s trail has been picked up, you travel to Kingsfall to rendezvous with Gav. When in the area, you’re interrupted by an Imperial signal. Cid goes to investigate while Clive ventures forth to check on Gav.

The Hunter and The Hunted

Proceed forward, battling some spiders and jumping across some rocks. Upon ducking under a tree, you have to fight a Minotaur. Take it down and then proceed forward. Drop down to the left and defeat some spiders and hornets. Proceed forward, and fight another Minotaur and some more spiders. Climb up and look for a bridge to cross. As you do so, Clive spots Gav being attacked by Imperial soldiers. Slay them all, and the Knight of the Dying Sun will enter the battlefield with an Imperial War Aevis.

Cid will show up to provide backup, and you can leave him to fight the Aevis while you focus on the Dragoon. When he uses Mirage Dive, Cid eventually casts a thunderstorm to bring the Knight down. Upon defeating it, Clive, Cid and Torgal proceed forward to rescue Gav. He informs you that the Dominant is heading to Rosaria. After Cid encourages Clive to investigate further before blaming himself.

Cut to the Dominant of Fire from earlier on a cliff, revealed to be a grown-up Joshua, seemingly alive and well.

After returning to the Hideaway, Clive learns that Jill is awake. The two share an emotional reunion, and after some preparation, the two of you (with Torgal) decide to go to Rosaria to investigate. Travel to the Three Reeds to proceed to the next main quest.


While previous levels have been fairly linear till now, Rosaria is a lot more open. You can take on different side quests, including one for a merchant whose carriage is overrun by Chocobo. Accept his quest and venture to Martha’s Rest. Speak to the stable master and go inside the tavern to speak to the proprietor, Martha. The bridge is out, and you’ll need the carpenter to fix it. He needs to be found first but hasn’t gone far.

Go to the Rest’s entrance and look for a ladder that goes down. You’ll hear the carpenter screaming for health, so take down the Cray Claws surrounding him. After promising to fix the bridge, speak to Martha for a reward. She’ll then tell you to go to Glaidemond Abbey to learn more about the Bearers.

Travel right after exiting the tavern and look for an elevator at the top. Keep following the marker to reach the Abbey, and feel free to fight some monsters and pick up some items along the way. Speak to the priest, who takes you to the back to see the different Bearers staying there.

Upon learning how discarded Bearers fare, you can travel back to Martha’s Rest and speak to her. She lets you know that the bridge has been fixed and gives you a Slumbering Chocobo Seal.

You’ll encounter Cid near some Chocobos, and after going with Goetz back to the Hideaway, Clive and Jill prepare to head to Phoenix Gate.

Holding On

After crossing the bridge to Eastpool, you meet Murdoch’s wife, Lady Hanna. Clive learns how Murdoch died and sets out the next day with clothes that belonged to Duke Elwin. Go up the stairs and towards the gate, and you meet the Mayor.

He’ll point you to a Bearer of the Rosfield family who still waits for the Duke’s return. Go to the well where the old Bearer hangs out, but he’s not there. After speaking to a villager nearby, and another below the staircase from the well, go back towards the bridge and talk to the Chocobo keeper.

You have to find the Bearer, which isn’t too difficult. Return across the bridge and move towards the wheat fields on the right. The opening for a small canyon is visible, and as you progress through, you’ll see the old man at the end. Defeat the Mud Daubers and Worgen nearby and speak to him to see him return to the village.

After talking to the Mayor for a reward, go back to the gate leading out of Eastpool and into the wasteland called The Dim. Eventually, you’ll see Phoenix Gate and the world map opens, allowing you to select it as a destination.

Buried Memories

As you enter the ruins, Torgal will indicate the hooded Dominant walking towards the entrance. Pursue him and venture down the stairs to find a sealed door. Only those blessed by the Phoenix can open it, so Clive qualifies. Enter the Hall of the Ancestors, open the next door and then venture onto the platform ahead.

The platform descends, and several Fallen enemies start appearing. Once the platform ends at the bottom, defeat the Defense Node and Hunters, then proceed towards the illuminated door. You’ll have to cross into another room and defeat another Defense Node and Fallen enemies. Go down the stairs into a room with a Fallen Guardian, which awakens and starts attacking.

Upon defeating it, enter the door, venture further down, and then open the next door to find three Bombs. Slay them quickly, lest they explode, and then take the door to the left. You’ll arrive at another platform, this one going up. When it reaches the top, go through the door to find another Fallen Guardian and two Defense Nodes waiting.

Once the Guardian is down to 50 percent health, some Fallen Hunters join the fray. After slaying them all, venture through the door ahead. Some more enemies await – defeat them and go through the next door up a slope. There’s another door to enter, leading to another platform. The Iron Giant appears and is the first real boss of the area.

When the platform has reached the top, you’ll have two paths. Regardless of which slope you go down, the central arena will be available and a Lich spawns to fight. After defeating it, take the left passage.

Defeat the enemies within and press the button to send power to the arena. Go back, take the right passage next, defeat more enemies and activate its button. Return to the central area and press the button to create a bridge to progress.

You’ll enter a room with a mural, and Clive will meet the Dominant as time halts to a standstill. The scenery flashes back to the night, where he turned into Ifrit at Phoenix Gate, and a boss battle ensues with the Infernal Eikon and Infernal Shadow. Upon progressing through the latter, Clive will finally accept the truth and activate his Limit Break. Defeat the Shadow, and you’ll become Ifrit to take on the Infernal Eikon.

After its defeat, Clive returns to Jill and Torgal. The trio depart while Joshua watches from afar. Meanwhile, the story cuts to Kupka, who learns of Benedikta’s death at the hands of Cid and promises revenge.

The Meaning of Life

As you walk on the road to Eastpool, Torgal will sense something is wrong. Go inside, and you’ll see Imperial forces conducting a massacre. Take them all out, followed by the Imperial Champion. Gav arrives, and feeling sorry for the state of the Bearers, Clive and Jill decide to help Cid. They return to the Hideaway, but a spy trails them.

Righting Wrongs

Upon returning to the Hideaway, go to Cid’s quarters. After Clive and Jill make clear their intentions to help, Cid reveals his plan, taking the party to Oriflamme in Sanbreque. You’ll have to travel to Northreach first and convene with the Dame. Speak with Gav to open the world map and travel to Lostwing. From there, travel to The Dragon’s Aery and take the road to Northreach. The Dame, Isabelle, will be near the Obelisk.

After speaking to her, accompany her to the gate. Once inside, go down the steps to the right and talk to her again at the Veil. She’ll request you to find Tatienne, who’s gone missing. First, you need clues. Speak to the girl near the Veil, who asks you to speak to Tatienne’s chamber-mate nearby. Next, go to the Imperial Training Grounds and talk to the soldier who will tell you about Yannick, who was involved with Tatienne.

Return to Isabelle, and it’s off to Moore to speak to Bertrand at the stables for more information. Head to the Imperial Training Grounds and take the gate leading into the Royal Meadows. Keep going down the road, and Moore should appear on the right.

Speak to Bertrand and then to the trader on the right-hand side. Depart Moore and head towards Oriflamme – you’ll see some ruins with Bloated Wolves hanging around in a group. Slay them, and you’ll discover the bodies of Tatienne and Yannick.

Go back to Moore and speak to Isabelle, then go towards the back of the village and take the path up the hill. Move around to the back of the chapel to find Jill and Cid waiting. You’ll automatically go to Oriflamme, and after a cutscene, you can select Drake’s Head. This is a point of no return, so wrap up any pending side quests and activities before continuing the story.

The Crystal’s Curse

Venture through the open door, and several enemies are visible below. Drop down and slay them all, then go towards the boarded-up area. Go down into the tunnel and crouch under to face more enemies. An Imperial Cannonier will appear, and after taking enough damage, it will turn Akashic.

Defeat it and open the gate ahead to find more Akashic enemies. Go to the left side after this and break the boards, then jump over the bridge. Cid loses his footing, but Clive manages to save him. Further ahead are more Akashic enemies, including a Captain. You can take out the Captain while Cid and Jill focus on the smaller enemies.

To the right, crouch through the opening and pull the lever to raise the gate. An Akashic Champion and other enemies await, so once again, focus on it while your party handles the others. Break down more boards ahead, and you’ll come across a metal gate. With Cid’s help, break it and go down to Drake’s Head in all its glory.

Upon going down the steps, you encounter Wraiths. Open the door, and some more appear ahead, along with a Specter and Lich. Go down some more stairs, and you’ll be on the bridge leading to Drake’s Head. An Akashic Dragon appears, and you need to slay it to move on.

After a brief conversation with Cid, step into the inner sanctum. Cid will transform into Ramuh to destroy the crystal, but Typhon appears, injuring him. Ramuh throws his staff at Typhon in return, but it’s not long before Clive is pulled in and does battle with Typhon. After fighting enough smaller enemies, you eventually fight it as Ifrit.

Defeating Typhon leads to Clive returning to the inner sanctum. A mysterious figure approaches, which Cid attacks. He then passes Ramuh’s power to Clive before dying. The figure approaches again and unleashes a wave of fire, but Joshua arrives to help. He identifies the being as Ultima and seals it within himself to prevent it from taking Clive.

Drake’s Head collapses, and panic ensues. However, back at the Hideaway, Kupka’s troops attack and slaughter those within. Gav, Tarja and several others escape before Titan destroys the mountain and razes the Hideaway.

Cid the Outlaw

Five years have passed since the events at Drake’s Head. Clive has taken on Cid’s name and is laying low in Kostnice, a Dhalmekian Republic town. After receiving information about kidnapped Bearers, the two venture there to free them. You’ll automatically drop in and commence battle with the soldiers, with Clive now capable of wielding Ramuh’s powers.

After slaying the enemies, the remaining few will unleash a Republican War Panther. Defeat it and rescue the Bearers, who are none too happy with Cid/Clive. Once the World Map opens, select the Hideaway and fast travel there to continue.

Home, Sweet Home

The new Hideaway is in Bennumure, within the remains of an old airship. After reaching the docks, go towards the elevator, and at the top, take a left towards the mess to meet Otto. Once you’ve brought him up to speed, look to the right for an area where Vivian Ninetails resides and learn more about the current state of Valisthea. You’re given a book to take to Tomes.

Return to the elevator and then left to enter a common hall where Charon and other Hideaway members hang out. Go up the stairs to the right and then through the doors to meet Tomes in the library. Leave the room and downstairs to speak to Tarja. Venture to the end of the hall to reach Clive’s quarters and read Gav’s letter on the desk.

After informing Jill of its contents, the two continue their quest to destroy the Mothercrystals. Cut to a scene with Joshua, still alive after the events at Drake’s Head, and then back to the Hideaway. Otto suddenly enters Clive’s quarters and tells him Martha has gone missing.

The Gathering Storm

Go to the mess and speak to Otto about Martha’s disappearance. You must go to Martha’s Rest in Rosaria to learn more. Enter the inn and speak to Cole, who will tell you that Martha was taken away. Turn right from The Golden Stables and venture to the elevator. Go to Glaidemond Abbey (where you saw the dying Bearers on the first trip to Rosaria), and you’ll see Martha on a bridge, wounded.

Speak to her and go to the Abbey to find out what happened. The Black Shields will then appear. Slay them quickly and check the small house near the Abbey. After assuaging the situation, speak to Cole outside.

You must go to Riddock’s Jump to spread the Bearers’ ashes. Upon reaching the spot (to the left of a large bridge) and spreading the ashes, Jill will meet up with you. Return to Martha’s Rest and speak to her in the Golden Stables. After receiving word of Gav’s return at the Hideaway, return and speak with him.

Your next target is Drake’s Breath, the Iron Kingdom’s Mothercrystal. A ship is required to reach it, but Clive knows a guy. Open the world map afterwards and travel to Hawk’s Cry Cliff to finish this main quest.


When you arrive on the cliff, go towards the right to the village of Amber. After crossing the bridge, some Black Shields will be visible. Once they’re gone, speak to the villagers. Eventually, the village elder will intervene and ask you to leave. Go towards the archway leading out of the village and proceed further to find some Fallen Ruins and enemies.

Travel further down by taking the right path (the left has some additional loot and enemies), and a bridge is visible. After finding the pool of blood, some Black Shields appear. Defeat them, and one will tell you to go Auldhyl. You find the remains of several Branded – leave through the gate and keep going until you find Bewith Bridge. Entry is denied, so go left to the Silken Stand.

Go straight past the abandoned Lazarus District to reach Port Isolde’s gates, which have been closed off and see the soldiers arguing with the people. Venture back to Lazarus to take the tunnels and progress.

Black Light Burns

Go towards the gates of the Lazarus District and push them open. As you take the path going right, some bandits will assail you. Take them all out, and eventually, you reunite with Sir Wade. The “bandits” are soldiers who survived the night at Phoenix Gate and banded together to form the Guardians of the Flame.

After catching up, you learn that the Black Shields are going towards Bewit Bridge. Speak to Sir Wade and venture through the Silken Strand with him to the bridge. Some Black Shields will be waiting, so get to the slaying. Eventually, a Dragoon called the Knight of the Lasting Dark arrives. More reinforcements will attack, but you can focus on the Knight.

Wade thanks you for the assistance and presents the Burnt Blade Seal. Clive and Jill venture to Port Isolde and meet with Byron Rosfield, Clive’s uncle. He promises a ship to traverse the sea, and after conversing with Jill about atoning for her past sins, you return to the Hideaway from the World Map.

Here Be Monsters

In the Hideaway, speak with Vivian to learn more about the Iron Kingdom and how they obtained the Mothercrystal. Return near the elevator and speak to Jill. When the World Map appears, select Drake’s Breath to set sail. Following a cutscene, Clive, Jill and Torgal will land on the shores and proceed towards a rear entrance to the inside of the volcano.

Fire and Ice

As you venture on the path, enter the gate in front to fight several Akashic Thorns and Hornets. Open the gates ahead and keep going to battle more enemies, including an Akashic Minotaur. Defeat it and proceed towards an arena, leading to a fight with an Akashic Morbol.

Defeat it and progress through the passage. Take the next left and squeeze through the gap. Go on the right path and under the gate to a bridge with lava falling nearby. Jill will use her powers to freeze it to ensure safe passage. Upon crossing, you’ll encounter some enemies, including Scarlet Scorpions and Bombs. Drop down, and you’ll fight a Red Mousse next.

After a series of jumps, you’ll fight against a Flame Lizard, which fights like Fafnir of the North. Once it’s defeated, cross the gap and climb the ladder. Jill will speak with Lady Marleigh, and venture to find the Patriarch in the Comraich. Go down the steps and slay the enemies. From the bottom of the stairs, go straight and open the doors on the left.

Take the steps and battle several more enemies. Go to the end for even more, including an Ironblood Commander. Take the door to the left and go up the stairs. Turn right, and you’ll find a walkway with several enemies. Take them all out (Clive can focus on the Fanatic) and open the gate at the end.

You’ll reach the Mothercrystal, and after Jill chides Imreann, Liquid Flame coalesces. Shiva fights it and creates an icy arena to stop the lava and allow Clive to battle it.

Afterwards, she’ll empower Clive’s sword with ice, which lets him destroy the Mothercrystal. She then slays Imreann, and as you both escape, another mural like that at Phoenix Gate is visible. Cut to outside where Lady Marleigh and Ironblood soldiers are escaping in boats.

Meanwhile, we see Joshua and Jote on the road to the Crystalline Dominion. Joshua collapses from the pain, and Jote tends to him. The former expresses his desire to seek Dion’s help for what’s to come.

Next, we got to Ran’dellah in The Dhalmekian Republic, where Kupka talks with the council. Annabella and her son by Sylvestre appear, and Kupka speaks to her later about killing Cid/Clive. A deal is struck, and Olivier’s toy glows oddly.

After the Storm

After destroying the Mothercrystal at Drake’s Breath, you return to the Hideaway and go to the infirmary to meet with Jill. Gav tells you that Rosalith is under attack by Kupka’s guard. Clive commits to ending things with Hugo and taking him out, once and for all. First, speak to Otto in the mess and then talk to Vivian. Once this is done, open the World Map, select Rosalith and fast travel there.

Capital Punishment

In Rosalith, Gav will split off to find the townspeople. Go straight, and then to the right until a destroyed building blocks the path. Next, go to the right and open the gate. You’ll face Stone Scimitars and a Stone Scepter that casts Protect on allies. Slay them all and then climb the ladder next to the blocked path.

Keep going forward on the walkway and then drop down at the end. As you progress, you’ll see some friendly soldiers slain by Scimitars. After crouching through at the end, you’ll confront some more enemies. Go up the stairs and squeeze through to a new area where more enemies, including a Stone Headsman, await. Climb the ladder after defeating them and go on the stairs to the left.

Open the gates to face more enemies. Once defeated, look to the right of the stairs blocked by debris and climb the ledge. Past the gate, several enemies await in the castle’s walls. After slaying them, you’ll have to fight a Coeurl.

Hugo arrives after you defeat it, having captured Jill. Clive is forced to surrender and gets thrown into prison. Gav bails him out, and they return to the courtyard. Jill will be executed, but with Torgal’s help, she’s freed and fights against the various foes with Gav and Clive. You can focus on the Stone Gaoler during this time. More enemies appear after they’re defeated, including two Headsman, so beware.

Upon opening the doors to the throne room, you’ll finally battle Hugo, one on one. Once defeated, Clive absorbs some of Titan’s power, but a figure arrives to take Kupka away. Clive returns to the courtyard to rendezvous with Jill, Gav and Torgal. You’ll now return to the Hideaway – select it from the World Map.

Bolts from the Blue

Upon returning to the Hideaway, Jill goes with Tarja, and Clive speaks to Gav. Clive then to the mess to speak to Otto and Mid interrupts. Meet her in the storeroom, which is to the stairs behind Otto. Mid wants a workshop but needs some supplies. Go to the central hall and speak to Charon. Next, talk to Blackthorne. Now go to the elevator and speak to Bardolph at the dock, who tells you to talk to Bernard at Martha’s Rest.

At the Golden Stables, speak to Martha about Bernard, and she’ll tell you he’s gone to Cressida. Exit to the bridge on the left that leads out of the Rest. Keep going until you find the swamps and another bridge, which Bernard stands at the end of. After speaking to him, slay the monsters nearby and then the Wivre.

Go back to the Hideaway after speaking to Bernard, and speak to Mid. Now to go the infirmary for Jill, though you’ll end up meeting Tarja. Go to the library to meet Tomes, and Gav will ask about Torgal. Mid will arrive soon after to inform you that Bernard has arrived. After her workshop is complete, go back and meet Vivian. Otto will inform you that Byron has arrived.

Cut to Twinside, with drama afoot between Dion and Sylvestre, his father. Back at the Hideaway, take the elevator down and speak to Byron. After speaking to Vivian about Kupka’s whereabouts, talk to Otto, who recommends Ruzena Dalimi, the Desert Hare. Speak to Byron to depart and head to the Velkroy Desert from the World Map.

Riddle of the Sands

Go to the trading post near the Fallen wreckage. Head to the inn at the settlement and eavesdrop on some Waloed soldiers. Joshua and Jote are upstairs, but the soldiers fight with Clive and Byron. Clive heads upstairs to Joshua’s room, only to find it empty. Go outside, and towards the market, only to find the gate to Drake’s Fang shut.

Go left and speak to the villager near the cart. Speak to the woman in the stall nearby and head to the Briar’s Kiss. Finally, talk to the man on the dock on the other side of the gate. Return to the marketplace and speak to Ferda, who instructs you to go to the bordello. After traveling to the waypoint, defeating some Back-alley Bruisers, and emerging victorious, you’ll meet Ferda and eventually access the Briar’s Kiss.

Ruzena, or L’ubor, is inside and tasks you with a few things before helping with the passage. Speak to various citizens in the town. Go to the obelisk in the square when you’re done, and speak to the girl. After venturing upstairs and taking a left to meet with Byron, go to the east gate and venture out into the desert for a deal. Waloed soldiers appear with Kupka’s private guard, so take them out.

Once all enemies fall, L’ubor will reclaim the crystal shards for the villagers and upon returning to town, he grants the Desert Rose Seal. As you leave, he’ll advise you to go through the mines to progress towards Drake’s Fang.

After traversing the limestone area, go straight and towards the bridge. Drake’s Fang will loom in the distance as the quest completes. Byron takes his leave, and you can select the destination from the World Map.

Into the Darkness

After a cutscene with Sleipnir and Hugo, you go back to Clive, who enters Drake’s Fang and fights off some Orcish Fodder. Proceed further until you find a lever for the gate. Go past the Mesmerizers and squeeze through the gates to reach the next part. Venture up the slope while taking out enemies and pull the lever for the next section.

As you progress, you fight an Orcish Warlord for the first time. Once it’s dead, pull the lever on the right for the gate, and Kupka’s castle, along with the Mothercrystal, is visible in the distance. After reaching and opening the gate to the premises, Sleipnir appears and summons the Undertaker to fight you.

Cross the drawbridge into the castle after defeating it and go up the stairs. Defeat the Wraiths and Specters to enter the throne room where more await. Once all enemies are dead, go towards the right and take the stairs to face some Revenants and a Lich. After going through the large doors at the end, take the doors to the left and go down the staircase.

Open the door and go left again to reach the sanctum. Once inside, more Revenants and Specters appear. Defeat them all and enter the sanctum. You’ll face Kupka, who has transformed into Titan.

After defeating him, you’ll converse with Ultima. Barnabas and Sleipnir watch from afar, bemoaning Kupka’s behavior. Cut to Dion, who learns that Olivier, Annabella’s son by Sylvestre, has been named emperor. This is followed by Joshua and Jote speaking to Dion.

When the World Map opens, travel back to the Hideaway.

Out of the Shadow

Take the elevator up and speak to Otto in the mess. After Jill rejoins you, talk to Vivian. You then go around the Hideaway, telling Tomes, Charon and Blackthorne that Kupka is dead. Speak to Otto, who asks you to convey the news to Cid. First, go to Mid’s workshop and speak to her. She’ll task you with gathering materials for a ship. Go back to Blackthorne, and you can take Gav or Otto.

Go to Dalimil from the World Map, and after arriving, exit the town. Turn right, and you’ll find Gav/Otto at a small building. Next, go to the river and pick up some Stardust. Speak to either once this is done and return to the Hideaway. Speak to Blackthorne and then to Mid. Your next task is gathering materials for the helm.

You need some from the Fallen ruins. Helena, Mid’s assistant, directs you to Laubert’s Pass in Lostwing. Travel to Lostwing and venture into the Norvent Valley. Meet with Helena and progress towards the ruins. Slay the Ahriman and then go back to the Hideaway. Speak to Mid for the last step. Speak to Tomes, then select either Jill or Tarja to go to Northreach.

Upon reaching, Jill/Tarja will be near a stall and instruct you to get some garlic and pepio nuts. Pick up the nuts from a vendor near the obelisk and the garlic from another on the road leading to the castle. Return to Jill and then go back to the Hideaway. After speaking to Tomes, talk to Mid again. Most of the work is done, and after speaking to her again, talk to Otto.

Next, speak to Obolus near the elevator. Receive the letter from Byron, and then speak to Gav. Jill also joins you as you venture to the previous Hideaway. Select Cid’s Legacy from the World Map to progress.

In the old Hideaway, after paying respects to Cid, you decide to venture to the Crystalline Dominion for the next Mothercrystal. From the World Map, travel to Laetny’s Cleft for the next quest.


Go through the canyon and cross the bridge, taking out the enemies en route. An ambush awaits, so slay the enemies to progress. Break the wooden planks and go up to face some Fallen Hunters and a Defense Node. Continue till you reach an area that overlooks the Dzemekys waterfalls, where Clive and Jill speak about Dominants and Bearers.

The story cuts to Dion, who has strong words with his father. He eventually agrees to go to battle.

Back to Clive, go down the path and keep heading straight until you reach the Fallen ruins. Traverse through to the Boklad Markets. You’ll arrive at a blockade before long, so go find Goetz by heading to the left. After learning that he lost his trader pass, go to the Crimson Caravans (near the obelisk), and you encounter Eloise. She gives the Crimson Collar Seal. Return to the blockade and look for a furniture maker who can help you through it.

After speaking to him, go towards the gate and then left to find the fishmonger, who tells you that children are the thieves. Look for a child on a bench nearby. Speak with them, and then to another nearby. Speak to the girl near the obelisk, who directs you toward Honza. Venture to the Fallen ruins, and you see some children near the tree.

Honza will run away, so look for a man with a cart. Speak to him to learn that Honza is hiding in the Chocobo pen nearby. Go around to find him and learn about the Cast Stones, who employ the children. A soldier named Theodore will then appear, telling you to release Honza. Clive explains the situation, and Theodore reveals that he’s Eloise’s brother. Speak to him again for a plan to find the Cast Stones.

Leave the town via the Fallen ruins, and you’ll spot four Cast Stones members. Defeat them and keep going to encounter some more. Over the dune is a camp – take out the other Cast Stones. Theodore thanks you for your help. Return to town and speak to Eloise. Get the trader pass back along with the Crimson Collar Seal. Go back to Goetz and, after speaking to Honza, traverse the blockade.

Meanwhile, Joshua speaks to Dion about the change to the emperor. Once things have settled, Dion promises to aid Joshua. After the latter leaves, Dion expresses the need to take out Annabella and Olivier.

Fire in the Sky

Clive and Jill converse while talking about the Crystalline Dominion. However, a fire breaks out in the city, and two traverse the rooftops towards it. At the bell tower, take the ladder, with several more explosions occurring. On the street, you’ll battle Dragoon Knights and then go right to fight even more enemies in a courtyard.

A Dragoon Lancer eventually drops and fights like the Knight of the Blinding Dawn/Lasting Dark. Take him out, crouch underneath the debris, and go to the sewers. Take the path through and reach the dock. Raise the bridge by interacting with the pulley, and you’ll fight even more enemies.

Progress forward to the street, and several more enemies appear. Eventually, a Knight Captain, more Dragoon Knights and Elite War Aevis appear. Next, open the left gate and take the path to fight more enemies. Climb the ladder and take the next two doors to a walkway with more enemies (including another Dragoon Lancer).

Defeat them all and then open the door at the end as you descend the staircase. Open the doors at the bottom, and you’ll fight the White Dragon next.

Once it’s slain, you’ll meet with Goetz and witness Bahamut going on a rampage. Speak to Goetz for supplies and talk to Jill to continue.

Go into the ruined building and open the doors, where several Akashic Dragoon soldiers await. Open the gates after the fight and drop into another arena full of enemies.

Next, climb up the ledge and take the stairs to the top. Go right and climb up, as Bahamut gives chase to Phoenix. As you proceed further up, you have to fight some Revenants. Get to the next area, you’ll have to take out some Specters and more Revenants. Venture up the right side wall and go to the left. Pass through the gates, and you’ll face more enemies, including an Undertaker.

Once they’re done, climb the back wall and progress up the steps. You’ll drop down into another arena, and fight the Necrophobe. After defeating it, climb the ledge and go through the ruined wall. Venture up the stairs and through the door on the left to find Annabella and Olivier. As Clive argues with her, Joshua lands in the room, injured. Bahamut fires a beam, and Clive turns into Ifrit to start the next Eikonic battle.

After the battle, Ifrit destroys the Mothercrystal while Phoenix catches Dion before he hits the ground. Joshua and Clive reunite at last, while Dion slays Olivier, revealed to have been controlled by Ultima. Clive absorbs Bahamut’s power and sees a flashback, where Dion confronts his father. After Olivier taunts him, Dion attacks but accidentally kills Sylvestre. Traumatized and overwhelmed, the former turns into Bahamut.

Back to current events – Annabella takes her own life while Ultima lingers above. Barnabas sees visions of various people before he receives word from Ultima. You can now travel back to the Hideaway.

Things Fall Apart

Speak to Otto in the mess, who instructs you to speak to Vivian or Tomes. Go to Vivian first, who tells you everything is in chaos after the Mothercrystal’s destruction. Speak to Tomes in the library, and then go back to Otto. You have three tasks – to help Martha’s Rest, take out enemies in Northreach and aid Dalimil from bandits.

In Martha’s Rest, cross the bridge to the Fallen Gate. You find some injured soldiers and have to face several Akashic beasts. After helping them, return to Martha’s Rest and take the elevator to meet Sir Wade. Take out the enemies, which include a Horde Adamantoise, and speak to Wade. Martha arrives warning of another wave of enemies near Eastpool.

Venture to Martha’s Rest and then to the bridge that leads to Eastpool to fight off several Goblins. An Akashic Plague will appear at the end to close out the wave and complete this step.

Go to Northreach next and venture to the Veil to learn more about the Akashic horde’s whereabouts. Go to the garrison and speak to Isabelle. Talk to the wounded and then head out to the Royal Meadows. Upon arriving in Moore, you’ll face Thrall Revenants, followed by Wraiths, a Specter and a Lich.

Return and speak to Isabelle to complete the next step. Finally, fast travel to Dalimil and speak to L’ubor. Go inside the tavern and after the commotion, speak to Viktor. Speak to L’ubor and Viktor to learn about Konrad and Natalie, and ask for their help. After talking to them both, meet L’ubor in Briar’s Kiss and talk to Viktor afterwards.

The bandits who stole Dalimil’s supplies are converging on the town. Go to the town’s entrance and fight them. Defeat them all and take out The Sultan to end the threat. With this step complete, return to the Hideaway and speak to Otto. Go to the infirmary to talk to Joshua. After learning about Ultima, Tarja suddenly informs you of Akashic in Kanvar, where Byron and Mid remain.

You’ll venture through Tabor to reach the Free Cities. Select The Krozjit Echoes in the World Map to proceed.

Cloak and Dagger

Venture into the canyon, and then go left towards the ruins. Take out the Fallen Bugs and Defense Nodes, and venture across the bridge as more enemies await. Reach the crossing, and go past the injured soldier until you get to Tabor. Take the door near the obelisk. You meet Jote and get up to speed on what the Waloed army is doing.

Cut to Kanvar, where Barnabas enters and slays several officials. In Tabor, Joshua and Clive set out for the Free Cities. You receive the Phoenix Down symbol from Cyril, another ally, and then venture forward. Defeat some of the Orcish enemies, and upon leaving the canyon, select the Free Cities of Kanvar to progress.


After meeting with Gav in the warehouse in Kanvar, you learn that there are survivors from the Akashic horde’s attack. Go towards the Merchant’s district and maneuver under some debris to fight the Orcish troops slaughtering some guards. Several Akashic enemies follow after this, including an Akashic Tognvaldr, so beware.

Slay some more foes in the courtyard and then open the doors. Go up the steps to fight some Royal Mastiffs and an Akashic Sveithvaldr. Keep going towards the right once they’re slain to another courtyard with even more enemies. Enter the plaza to fight more enemies, which includes an Orcish Warlord.

Open the doors at the end and another door for another fight in a courtyard. Fight them off, and eventually, you face off against Sleipnir. After defeating him, Barnabas appears and wounds Clive. Joshua will take you away while Jill turns into Shiva to hold Barnabas off.

Upon awakening in the Ironworks and witnessing the cutscene, travel back to the Hideaway.

A Song of Hope

Go to Mid’s workshop and check the desk. Inspect the shelf next to a doll for a riddle from Cid. Talk to Otto, who suggests trying the Orchestrion, and after removing something to fix it, some new music plays. Show the object to Otto, and after speaking to Tarja, return to the Ironworks.

Full Steam

The object retrieved from the Orchestrion is important for Mid’s ship, as the Enterprise prepares to set sail. However, some Akashic enemies arrive, and you must fend them off. After defeating several waves, Sleipnir appears, creating multiple versions of himself. Clive fights them off while the Enterprise departs, eventually jumping on.

After a scene between Barnabas and Jill, cut back to Clive, who bids farewell to Byron. The next scene showcases Dion, who beholds Twinside in ruins, and you go back to the World Map with the option to select Naldia Narrow.

Upon entering in, Barnabas quickly makes his presence known. The Enterprise boards his ship, and Clive goes for Jill while Joshua fends off Barnabas.

Through the Maelstrom

Taking control of Clive, you’ll face off against several Royalist soldiers. After dispatching them, go to the left through the door and then upstairs. Open the gate, and you see Joshua and Barnabas fighting at the Enterprise. Several more enemies await Clive, including a Sveithvaldr, appear, so beware. After slaying them, go towards the back and open the gate to go below.

Go downstairs in either direction and then take the ladder. Open the door to defeat several more enemies, and then take the door on the left to free Jill. Cut back to Barnabas and Joshua, with the former turning into Odin. The latter primes into Phoenix, and following a slash from Odin, the sea parts.

Barnabas’ ship falls in, but Clive and Jill manage to get out onto the dry land in the middle of the parted sea. Barnabas then appears and battles Clive. Unfortunately, this is a fight that can’t be won.

Once Clive is injured, Barnabas lectures him about his purpose. He soon departs, causing the parted sea to return to normal. Jill uses her powers to create an ice tunnel to escape. Later, the two are seen on shore, discussing their powers. Jill allows Clive to absorb Shiva’s powers and the night ends.

They spot the Enterprise the next day and plan to destroy Drake’s Spine, the final Mothercrystal. Return to the Hideaway and speak to Otto about repairing the Enterprise.

Across the Narrow

After going to the infirmary and checking in on Joshua, you see Dion awakening in Twinside and preparing to set off. Cut back to Clvie, who speaks to Jill and Mid. Speak to Vivian about Waloed, and then to Mid to gather everyone together. Go to Joshua and then to Tomes about a potential connection to Ultima. Joshua decides to accompany you to Ash. After a brief scene, go to the central hall to meet everyone, and you go over the plan.

Speak to Otto in the mess and open the World Map to fast-travel to The Shadow Coast. Joshua learns about Clive absorbing Shiva and isn’t too happy. After Gav returns with an update, the next quest begins.

Footfalls in Ash

Venture to the castle and go left to meet several Akashic and Orcish enemies. Slay them and keep going on the path – more await ahead. You face even more in the courtyard after this – once done, pull the lever and progress up the slope. Go through the cave, and upon emerging, various enemies are seen leaving a castle. Joshua opts to explore the castle, leaving only Clive and Gav venturing to Stonhyrr.

Enter The Angry Gap, and keep going until you find a bridge. Cross it and then climb the steps to some doors. Open them to enter Eistla. Enemies will ambush you in multiple waves, ending with an Akashic Sveithvaldr, so be prepared.

Odin will appear afterwards, creating a forcefield around the area. Enter a house nearby to meet Edda, a civilian. Cut to Joshua, who finds a completed version of the mural from Phoenix Gate. Afterwards, Clive decides to go it alone with Gav staying with Edda. Go to the right and then take another right to open the gate. It’s a straight shot from here to the Fallen ruins, so slay any enemies along the way.

Once you reach the canyon, the World Map will open, and you can select Reverie, the destination for the next main quest.

The Last King

You’ll enter a Fallen building with Hunters and Defense Nodes. Slay them and step on the circular platform to the left. It begins to rise, and more enemies appear at the top. Once you take them out, go through the door and across the bridge to face a Fallen Guardian.

Next, take the door to the right and take the elevator. After emerging from it, go forward, and take out the Fallen Bugs and Defense Node. Upon reaching the platform ahead, a Purple Bavarois will appear, so slay it and go through the door on the left. Keep going to the end of the corridor and then get on the elevator. More Fallen Hunters drop in to fight.

The next room features several enemies descending via elevators. After that, take the elevator at the end, and upon reaching the top, you’ll fight the Soultaker. Once it’s defeated, climb the ledge and follow the path until you reach a large cave. Take out the Fallen Hunters and take the door on the left to an elevator.

You fight the Control Node first, followed by the Aurum Giant. After their defeat, go up the slope, and to the left, then turn right to open the door. Barnabas is present with several Akashic corpses. After absorbing their power, the fight begins.

Before Barnabas dies, he transfers the power of Odin to you, leading to Ultima proclaiming you’re finally ready. He asks that you meet at Drake’s Spine. Meanwhile, in Ran’dellah, Dion arrives to back up Byron and pledges to help Clive. In Eistla, Clive reunites with Joshua and tells him of Barnabas’ fate while Gav takes Edda back to the Enterprise. They both agree to go to Stonhyrr to destroy the last Mothercrystal.


Go up the steps and open the gates leading out of Eistla. Past the Royalist is a gate that leads to The Great Southern Gate. Travel further up, and you’ll battle Akashic and Orcish threats, eventually culminating in a fight with an Akashic Tongvaldr at the gate. After slaying it, the gate opens, with even more enemies and an Orcish Warlord waiting. Defeat it and go inside through the gate, then take the door ahead. Travel down the steps and go left to activate the Obelisk. You see Stonhyrr in the distance, so keep progressing on the road.

You eventually reach a bridge, and as Clive and Joshua ready themselves, you can select Drake’s Spine from the World Map.

Streets of Madness

Upon arriving in Stonhyrr, you discover the Royalist forces dead and Akashic enemies on the bridge. Defeat them and venture further, only to encounter a Behemoth, who destroys the path you just took. After slaying it (and ideally surviving the ending meteor), Clive arrives in a courtyard with several more Akashic enemies. Slay them all and then take the steps to the right.

There will be even more Akashic threats, from Worgen and Vultures to Osfreyr. After they’re dead, open the gate and go left or down the stairs. Going down leads to more enemies, which is good for garnering XP and AP (and leads back to the main route). Otherwise, take the left to progress further.

Reach the end and open the gates to reach the docks. More enemies await, including an Imperial Cannonier-like foe. When you open the gates to the left, there will be Orcish enemies to fight. Take down the Mesmerizers first and clean up the others. Eventually, you reach a courtyard with an Undertaker and some Spectres. Once you’re done fighting, go through the gates into the castle and then to the right. Go up the stairs and take down the Wraiths, then the ensuing Revenants, before taking the steps on the right.

Eventually, you’ll encounter a Coeurl gone Akashic. Its moves are the same as the non-Akashic version, so don’t worry. Take it out and open the gates, then take the left-most steps. More Spectres await, and after opening the gates, there will be Akashic and Orcish foes. Slaying them and going through the gates leads to even more Orcish enemies.

Go right after defeating them and trigger the lever to raise the gate. Two Tognvaldr who have turned Akashic await, so beware. More enemies arrive, and after they’re defeated, you have to face an Akashic Warlord and its minions. Slay the small fry and take down the Warlord. More enemies eventually appear, but thankfully, Dion, Jill and Gav arrive to even the odds with the Enterprise.

At this point, speak to Goetz for supplies and gear. Talk to Joshua to advance to Drake’s Spine. While Joshua and Clive go on ahead, Ultima spirits them away into the Interdimensional Rift and will talk about events leading to Valisthea’s creation, the Blight’s origin, and the role of Mythos. Eventually, you have to fight Ultima.

After his defeat and Clive wrestling with his inner thoughts, Joshua eventually snaps his brother out of it. The two combine into Ifrit Risen, which Ultima refers to as Logos. Drake’s Spine crumbles while Ultima raises Twinside, revealing Origin. Clive and Joshua escape and rendezvous with the others, with the option to return to the Hideaway.

Back to Their Origin

In the Hideaway, Clive speaks to the group, bringing them up to speed on what happened, and everyone agrees to stop Origin. After exiting the meeting, Clive talks to Joshua, who will carry the former to Origin. However, Dion expresses his desire to join the brothers, and they agree. Clive returns to his room, and speaks with Jill about his decision, promising to make it back alive.

This is pretty much the point of no return for the story, so if there’s anything left pending, do it now. If you’re ready to proceed, open the world map and select Origin. Clive bids farewell to everyone and climbs onto Bahamut to fly off.

Penultimate Chapter

As you venture into Origin and deal with some of Ultima’s minions, Ultima Prime itself arrives. Dion, Clive and Joshua turn into their Bahamut, Ifrit and Phoenix to battle it. It ends with Bahamut fighting off Ultima Prime so that Ifrit and Phoenix can get away, with Dion falling and perishing. Elsewhere, Joshua heals Clive but becomes incredibly weak as a result. Clive helps his brother towards the Nexus, where Ultima awaits.

Ultima removes his copy from Joshua and becomes whole, but the latter gives Clive the full power of the Phoenix before dying. The final battle with Ultima begins, and after pushing him back enough, he turns into Ultima Risen to oppose Clive. However, Clive becomes Ifrit Risen and fights, causing Ultima to revert to his regular form.

However, the battle isn’t over, as Ultima becomes Ultimalius. After two phases of fighting, he becomes weaker in the third phase. Once his health depletes, Clive delivers one final finishing blow. He then absorbs Ultima and returns to Joshua’s body, healing his wounds. Clive then destroys Origin and finally ends the Blight. As the floating structure crumbles, he’s later seen on a beach and seemingly dies. For more details on the ending, go here.


After the credits, we see two brothers playing outside a house with their puppy, surrounded by vibrant greenery. One of them uses flint to attempt to make a fire for their mother preparing dinner, indicating that magic is gone from the world. The boys talk about who gets to be Ifrit, and a book is on the table – Final Fantasy by Joshua Rosfield, indicating that he survived after Clive healed him – before the scene ends.

Final Fantasy 16 is available exclusively for PS5. Check out our official review here.

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