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The video game console industry expected to witness high growth over the past decades. Technological innovations and the change in audio-visual effects and possibilities offered enriched user experience. A video game console is a device to output video signals to display a video game perfectly. Now the gaming consoles vision had changed from a mere gaming device to advanced gaming device with integrated entertainment consoles, that fueled its high market growth. The growth has been further fueled by the rapid growth in mobile gaming. Here is a list of best video game consoles you can purchase right from the market.

Most Powerful : Immersive Graphics and powerful displays.

Microsoft Xbox One X
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Experience immersive true 4K gaming with the new powerful Xbox One X Console. When looking into its hardware, its core is an 8-core Custom made AMD CPU clocked at 2.3GHz for enhanced AI, real world detail, and smoother interactions. To add speed and power to game performance a 12GB GDDR5 of graphic memory is integrated into it that offers quicker load time. The six Teraflop GPU enables 4K environments and characters to become more realistic, offers more detail and smoother animations. Now, game graphics are faster with 326 GB/sec memory bandwidth. You can easily play 4K games like NBA 2K19, Forza Horizon 4, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Fallout 76, and Battlefield V in Xbox One X. The dedicated Xbox Live servers maximize performance by ensuring stability, speed, and reliability.

Most Popular : Highly popular console with 62% market share.

Sony PlayStation Pro
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With the new PlayStation, play blockbuster games in stunning 4K visual clarity and stream entertainments with incredible visual detail from 4K compatible services. Enjoy PS4 games with boosted frame rates in a range of PS4 Pro enhanced games. PS4 Pro packs twiceGPU power than the standard PS4, the result: incredible image clarity, smoother gameplay and shorter load times. View more vibrant, lifelike colours and details when you play on an HDR-compatible TV. The skin tones become warmer, materials have now realistic textures and environments come alive in the new PlayStation. With an HDR TV, compatible PS4 games display a range of colours closer to the full spectrum that the human eye can see, offers more vibrant lifelike details. In PS4 Pro, peoples faces looks life-like realism, curves become smoother, corners are sharper and visual elements like hair, water and grass bristle with life.

Most Portable: Take your games wherever you go.

Nintendo Switch
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You can dock your Nintendo Switch to watch HD gaming on your TV. You can use parental controls to manage how your family interacts with Nintendo Switch. You can quickly take and save screenshots using the Capture Button on the left Joy‑Con. You can view, add text, and share to social networks from your album. The device is equipped with 32GB of internal memory, but a portion of which is reserved for use by the system. You can easily expand storage space using microSDHC or microSDXC cards. It has a 6.2-inch, multi-touch capacitive touch screen offering a resolution of 1280 x 720. The processor is NVIDIA Custom Tegra processor. It is enabled with Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac) and Bluetooth 4.1. Stream up to 1080p via HDMI in TV mode and up to 720p via a built-in screen in tabletop mode and a handheld mode. Talking about sensors, it is equipped with Accelerometer, gyroscope, and brightness sensor. Now about Battery life, it can last for more than six hours but it may vary depending on the software and usage conditions.

Nvidia Shield Pro
( )
NVIDIA SHIELD TV is a streaming media player offering thousands of apps and games. The Google Assistant is built in and the heart is NVIDIA Tegra X1 chip. Movie theater quality video for Netflix, Prime Video, and Vudu. Cutting-edge Dolby Atmos and immersive DTS-X surround sound pass-through definitely elevate your audio experience. SHIELD TV also includes instant access to the high-demand GeForce NOW beta game streaming service. You can play online and offline games with friends. You can instantly transform your SHIELD TV into a GeForce-powered PC gaming rig. With hundreds of supported titles and features like cloud saves and cross-play on laptops and desktops. The SHIELD controller features a sleek polygon-inspired finish and is packed with tech—including a headset jack for private listening, dual vibration, rechargeable batteries, and a handy mic for Google Assistant searches and is ergonomically designed for hours of comfortable gaming.

The newest gaming consoles offer better quality more power and stunning visuals and shells out more money from your pocket to own. If you have a gaming console try to get a console compatible with your current games library. The PlayStation offers a huge library of games and smooth graphics.

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