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Best CPU for Gaming-2019 Edition

The computer gaming industry is booming and the market value grows to billions. The three major gaming sectors are PC, Console, and Mobile gaming. The PC gaming industry is ruled by powerful processors and awesome graphics processors. New games come with advanced graphics and 3D visuals, to

Best Video Game Consoles To Buy

In these years video game consoles received much of their attention due to it’s advanced features. The PlayStation is arguably the most popular console of the current generation, with Sony repeatedly outselling Microsoft’s Xbox One. There are a good list of video game consoles available on the market, such as Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, […]

Tips to Speed Up your Gaming performance

Nowadays games are available in 3D on multiple disks having big installation files. The game’s appearance now becomes realistic and 3D by using the latest graphics technologies. Most of the old computers will be stuck when we try to run new PC games. The same thing will happen in new computers if we installed or […]