Civilization VI:Gathering Storm

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI: Gathering Storm is the second official expansion pack for the turn-based strategy video game Civilization VI. The focus of the Gathering Storm expansion is improving the game world with the weather and how human activity affects it in the past eras. The expansion introduces natural disasters in the form of volcanic eruptions, river floods, rising sea levels, hurricanes, dust storms, blizzards, tornadoes, and droughts. Players will be given ways to mitigate these by building improvements such as dams or sea barriers.

Environmental effects: Volcanoes, storms (blizzards, sandstorms, tornado’s, hurricanes), climate change, floods, and droughts.

The usage of resources: strategic resources play an additional role in Gathering Storm. These resources are now consumed in power plants to generate electricity for your cities. Initially, you’ll be powering your most advanced buildings by burning carbon-based resources like Coal and Oil, but renewable energy sources also unlock as you progress to current-day technologies.

Your choices about resource usage will directly affect the world’s temperature and can cause melting ice caps and rising sea levels. You can engineer a better world: Shape the world around your empire to overcome unfavorable land conditions by making improvements like canals, dams, tunnels, and railroads. When settling cities, consider the flood risk to coastal lowland areas, but keep in mind that in the late-game, new technologies like Flood Barriers can be used to protect these tiles.

The world Congress: Make your voice heard among the other leaders of the world.

Earn Diplomatic Favor through Alliances, influencing city-states, competing in World Games, and more. Use Diplomatic Favor to extract promises from other leaders, vote on Resolutions, call a Special Session to address an emergency, and increase the weight of your votes in your quest to achieve the new Diplomatic Victory.

In the World Congress, you’ll be able to vote using Favor on Resolutions. These are choices between positive and negative effects and have specific targets. You may vote to ban Furs or chopping Rainforests, or all players may choose to ban further building construction in a certain District.

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Civilization VI: Gathering Storm
Civilization VI: Gathering Storm
In the second expansion to Civilization VI, the world around you is more alive than ever...Show More
In the second expansion to Civilization VI, the world around you is more alive than ever before. Chart a path to victory for your people by developing new advanced technologies and engineering projects and negotiating with the global community in the World Congress on critical issues. Show Less
Story of consequences of your actions.
The Civilization 6 adds a new set of new features to the game, the environmental effects, a World Congress for discussing global issues, new look to consumable resources, new technology, and civics. The introduction of climate change offers more strategic choices and it's consequences resonate through eras.
The world around you is more alive than ever in Civilization VI: Gathering Storm

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